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The road to Well-being

Building Well-Being is a non-profit organisation who connects different elements necessary for our well-being. Yoga, meditation, personal consultancy, diet are all influencing our mental and physical health.


How can we change our habits and our environments in order to enhance our well-being?

Building Well-Being guides you and offers you a variety of tools.

Different kind of events (such as Consciousness Retreat and MoveMental) are organised. Also consultations  and lectures are a way to build well-being.


A professional team is ready to improve your well-being.

Ido Batash: 

Is a master in exploring the body and mind. As a professional dancer and choreographer he experienced the dynamic world of movement. Ido Batash creates workshops to touch the thin line between your body and mind and dare to question it. 


Zoë Christiaens: 

Is an interior-consultant and yoga practitioner.

She connects the built environment with our health and well-being. Lectures and interactive workshops about Electrosmog, Vastu Shastra, EM products can clarify the influence of our surroundings upon us.   


Building Well-Being is offering a platform to those who like to share the deep knowledge about our Well-Being. 

Dana Hawwash:

A young woman with an amazing passion towards Yoga and Non-Violent Communication. Dana gives workshops to explore the natural state of compassion and to find a safe place to meet each other.

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