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 Spring Edition:

24 - 27 May 2018

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Expanding consciousness is an important step in the evolution of mankind.Let's make it happen 

Twice a year Building Well-Being and his amazing team is organising a Consciousness Retreat:

The program of the Consciousness Retreat is constructed by a team who came together with the wish to share. For that we have created a space where we can experience variaties of workshops which focusses on the exploration of the concept of consciousness. We are eager to share our deep insights to every one of you.

Activities and aspects during the Retreat:
- Conscious Being: 
This digital detox weekend can help you to live in the present moment and create time to connect deeper with your inner-being. Every morning we open the doors for a silent meditation followed by a rejuvenating yoga session. 

-Conscious Movements: 
How does it feel to experience the unknown or the unfamiliar?
In this workshop with Ido Batash we will dive towards what lays beyond our 5 senses. With a lot of care and trust, we will challenge our everyday perspective by experiencing being blindfolded. This will be an invitation to ‘see’ further away through our bodies, mind and space experiences.

Inspired by the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts, Nia, given by Mathia Martens, is a transformational movement & lifestyle practice anchored in body-centred awareness. Offering holistic conditioning and a connection to pleasure, Nia classes are suitable for every body.

Conscious Living: 
What are the influences on our bodies of wifi signals? Why is it healthier to sleep with our head to the east? In which direction can I meditate to have a deeper experience. On those questions Zoë Christiaens will guide you to find an answer.


Together with Lot De Smet we’ll watch the moon cycle and its effects on everyday life. With a focus on health and household we’ll see how to make use of the moon calendar and become aware of some effects of the moon on our lives. 

Conscious Communication:

Humans are social beings! We all thrive when we are heard, seen and accepted exactly the way we are, yet alot can go wrong when we communicate with each other. Instead of making each other more alive, unconciously we can create disconnection and alot of misunderstanding. Dana Hawwash will lead a session on Non-Violent Communication to facilitate reconnection with the beauty of language and its uses to enrich our lives, add meaning and be able to fully express ourselves.

Conscious Eating:
In eating a yogic diet, we are increasing prana and a higher state of consciousness.


All Videos

All Videos


350,00 €:

( incl. food and accommodation)

 TRANSFER:  BE50 0634 0118 0618 (not available online)

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